It doesn't matter how happy that Super Bowl Thor trailer made you on Sunday night. Your joy could not possibly have been channeled to benefit humanity in a form more impressive than Jarreau Wimberly's weekly art project that he's been riding out for the better part of a year now. The guy's been posting a new piece of Thor-related artwork every week since last May in anticipation of Kenneth Branagh's new film, and thus far he's pretty much justified his own trading card set.
Whether you've always wanted to see the Norse God of Thunder thwack heads with Death Dealer or wondered what would happen if Bender picked up Mjolnir, Wimberly's Thor Thursday blog has confronted these hypothetical scenarios.

Zombie Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Lady Sif and Thunderstrike are all there too, so raise your mouse (if you're worthy), and gaze upon these brilliant Thor-rific works of art. They will rock you-verily.