This has been a banner week for awesome portraits of Cyclops firing his optic blast, and artist Jayson Weidel can consider himself to be a part of this proud movement. His X-Men artwork and costume redesigns for Thor, Captain America and Spider-Man look good enough to work if Marvel ever finds themselves hard up for new looks.

His Rogue, Gambit, Professor X and Beast are sleek as well, though, and you'll find a gallery with a whole X-Men color key series on his deviantART account. He really nails the roof of Scott Summers' mouth along with the guy's rage, but the simple palette and minimal use of lines make for a gorgeous pinup.

Weidel's Nightcrawler gets a bit darker with a sort of Mr. Clean meets Satan look that would fit right in in the Ultimate universe. Check it out for yourself and see if you agree below.

[Via GeekArt]