Jeff Delgado's art portfolio is a menagerie of seemingly liquid-smooth hybrid masterpieces, mixing and matching some of our favorite things. He's turned the Doctor into Harry Potter; he's transformed the cast of J.K. Rowling's books into Scribblenauts figures; and he's stuffed Russell from Up into his own field guide.Delgado does some exceptionally tight digital work, which you can see all over his deviantART gallery. From Willow to Disney's The Little Mermaid, he's toyed around with a wide range of styles, and he's at his finest when he's testing out mash-ups.

If zombies are more your type of thing, you'll find lots of those lumbering about his archives, too. Delgado has x-rayed Stan from South Park and even tried his hand at an undead Zooey Deschanel. Still, he's at his best when he's just recreating famous movie scenes from The Shining or Return of the Jedi.

Check out a few of our top picks from his postings below.