Because I'm sure you'll be utterly fascinated by the behind-the-scenes information as to how this particular post came to be, what follows is the series of coincidences which led to my discovery of the video I want to share with you today: 1) I'm not a cat person, but I'll read anything by Jeffrey Brown, so I picked up --as a gift for my wife, who is both a cat person and a Jeffrey Brown person-- and enjoyed his latest book, Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations, 2) Having written a guest blog entry for Animal Hubbub a couple weeks back, in the spirit of quid pro quo, I asked the editor of that blog --who is very much a cat person, but only slightly a comics person-- to read and review the book for us (look for her review probably sometime next week), 3) In mistakenly assuming that Top Shelf had published the book (since they're his publisher of record), I hit their website looking for some graphics that could be used in the review, 4) Not finding anything on the book there (after an embarrassing exchange of email, I discovered that the book was not published by Top Shelf), I went hunting for an official Jeffrey Brown site, which led me to 5) Wikipedia, which informed me that Jeffrey Brown directed a video for Death Cab for Cutie, which led to me asking myself 6) "How did I not know this? I love Jeffrey Brown, and I like Death Cab" (hell, I'm actually going to see Ben Gibbard play tonight), which led me to 7) YouTube, and this absolutely pitch-perfect video featuring the very maudlin, very self-reflective Jeffrey Brown animating the very maudlin, very self-reflective Ben Gibbard tune, "Your Heart Is an Empty Room."

Which, finally, leads to you enjoying said video yourself:

While we're talking about the resultant magic of mixing comics and rock 'n' roll, allow me to direct your attention to the largeheartedboy blog which shares a cool essay by Nick Bertozzi wherein he talks about the soundtrack to his creation of The Salon.