Looking for a new take on Marvel's most famous patriotic hero? Have a look at the floppy, cornball sketches of artist Josh Burggraf. His goofy, irreverent takes on Cap include shield chokes and sleeper holds from the Red Skull, and there's even more where that came from in his wide-ranging archives of wolf-men and nutty GIF files.Some of Burggraf's stuff looks like it's straight out of MAD Magazine, and other specimens contain surprisingly Jack Kirby-ish amounts of detail and psychedelic imagination. See for yourself on his website over at JoshBurggraf.com. From birds in spacesuits to eerie "Strange Tales" cover tributes, his blog is loaded with surreal, comicky antics.

He's also got a comic called Kid Space Heater, which looks exactly like the type of book you would expect to see from an artist like Burggraf. Embrace the fun sci-fi and gorgeous melty samplings of his work below.