It's okay. You can say it. I know it's not popular, but I promise, I won't tell anybody - you're nervous about Joss Whedon directing "The Avengers" for Marvel Studios.

No, this does not make you a bad person, or even a bad nerd. Joss Whedon simply isn't everybody's cup of tea. Whether you love him or you hate him for the job - in the name of full disclosure, I fall firmly in the former category - there's no question that Whedon can be very... well, Whedonesque.Joel Watson's latest Hijinks Ensue strip hits the nail on the head with this hypothetical worst case scenario assessment of Whedon taking on Marvel's premiere film franchise. Clearly, Whedon has some signature moves, like killing characters off at unexpected points in unexpected ways, for instance, or inserting point-of-view characters that act and sound suspiciously like a pop culture geek akin to Whedon himself.

Look, I'm not of the mind that Whedon is going to nerdify Steve Rogers, nor do I think he's going to blow Tony Stark to smithereens in the first hour of the movie - that can wait for the sequel - but it's only fair to acknowledge that you or someone you know isn't exactly thrilled about Marvel's choice. Thanks to Watson's strip, it's clear that you're not alone in your skepticism.

[Source: Hijinks Ensue]