LA-based fashion brand JOYRICH has collaborated with DreamWorks to create a decadently tacky streetwear collection starring none other than Richie Rich. Although this is not Richie Rich's apparel debut (he previously appeared in the MISHKA NYC x Harvey Comics collaboration), JOYRICH's approach to the character solely features a repetitive motif of Richie holding a large sack of his parent's money on shirts, skirts, purses, and more.

Judging from the price list, the imagery may serve as an indicator of how many sacks of money you'll have to shell out for this gear. From $40 iPhone skins to $198 backpacks, it's clear that JOYRICH x Richie Rich is genuinely and unironically reaching out to stylish rich kids who have enough money bags to cover themselves in an allover pattern of a rich kid holding money bags.

By the way, ComicsAlliance, can you front me $114? I kind of want that Richie Rich skirt.


Richie Rich Tee, $60 [link]


Richie Rich Face Crew, $158 [link]


Richie Rich Snapback, $70 [link]

Richie Rich Skirt, $114 [link]


Richie Rich Wallet, $110 [link]


Richie Rich Backpack, $198 [link]