Katie Turner's illustrations are the grown-up versions of the doodles we all made in the margins of our school notebooks. Her deceptively simple characters, with their almond-shaped eyes and squiggly noses, stand in carefully blocked scenes, their hair and clothes revealing as much about their personalities as their subtle expressions.A graduate of Parsons' New School for Design, Turner has had illustrations appear in both the New York Times and the New Yorker, and her "Cute Boys" illustration is, quite appropriately, the cover design for a blank journal available from Barnes & Noble. Turner is an artist who still dots her "i"s with hearts and uses little stars to denote magic and glamor, small touches that give her work a charmingly retro feel as well as a sense of ingenuousness, as if she were a novice artist who had merely stumbled onto these rich designs. Her attention to detail in her clothing and backgrounds, however, betray a far more practiced hand.

You can see more of Turner's illustrations on her blog.