Cartoonist Kel McDonald, who we’ve interviewed in the past about her work in webcomics and her early adoption of Kickstarter to fund print comics, just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for her comic The Better to Find You With. This project is unique in that McDonald is funding a print edition for a comic that will later be released as a webcomic, but for around a year, it will be print-only.

The Kickstarter page has lots of information about the project, including a fascinating plot summary:


In a futuristic world, Sina runs a veterinary clinic between a small town and a wild life preserve so she's the one called when Ranger Francis rescues a wolf from being shot by a hunter. At least, they think it's a wolf…

That is, until Sina finds a naked man in the kennel the next morning. And that's how she meets Jeff, a werewolf. With a million and one questions for Jeff, Sina starts to help him track down a newbie werewolf that has been spending full moons nearby. However, the hunter that shot Jeff the night before was armed with silver so the duo have to find the new werewolf fast.


The book is roughly 80 pages, black and white. The first 8 pages are done and the whole thing is scripted. I'll be posting the pages in Kickstarter updates to give backers first dibs on the story. Then the book will be print only for a year or so before I post it online.


This project is part of a series that McDonald is producing called The City Between, which are “futuristic urban fantasy shorts” all set in the same world, but which don’t require a specific reading order. Readers can preview the first eight pages of the comic here.

The Kickstarter goal for The Better to Find You With is $6000, and the campaign has already raised $1500 at the time of this writing. This is the sixth Kickstarter campaign for McDonald, with the last project getting funded beyond its goal. Fans of McDonald’s work who want to read this in advance of it going up online should hustle over to the Kickstarter page.