Like pretty much everyone else who read it, I loved Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura's I Kill Giants, and ever since I read it, I've been wondering when I'd see more from Niimura. Now, I know, and it's pretty good news! It turns out we'll be getting a whole dang graphic novel of Niimura's work on January 17, when a collection of short stories called Henshin hits the stands at comic book stores everywhere.

As you may already know, depending on how much time you spend thinking about dudes who dress up like grasshoppers and ride dirtbikes, "henshin" is the Japanese word for "transform," and each of the collection's 13 stories about life in Tokyo involves a transformation of some sort, like, say, Niimura's transformation into a cat owner in a take that includes the phrase "magic poop from the future." There is context, but to see it, you'll have to check out the preview pages below -- just don't forget to read right-to-left.

If these aren't not enough to get you intrigued, you can read a little more, too. Image has made the complete story "Victory Sign" available as a PDF download that you can snag right here. The 288-page paperback has a cover price of $19.99 and is out January 17.