Gentilcore would be a great name for a dragon, but be that as it may, it happens to be the last name of an illustrator - Kevin Gentilcore - whose specializes in colorful, high-energy artwork with the rubbery physicality of Brandon Graham and the bright-eyed gumption of a Marvel Super Hero Squad Show episode.
Gentilcore's comics work includes a few monsters, appropriately enough, in the pages he worked on for Back to Mysterious Island from Bluewater Productions. He's also currently working on a new webcomic called Teenage Love Zombies. Some of his most impressive work can be found among the Deadpool, Bat-villain and assorted Marvel character sketches he's shared on his Facebook account, however.

For some larger versions of his Marvel sketch cards, head over to the archives on his Gentilcore's blog. His wide range of Iron Man cards is especially fun to sift through, and you'll also want to see his Avengers and B.P.R.D. prints, which included in a highlight reel of favorites below.