With every Comic-Con comes the inevitable post-convention round-up of costumes -- and to be fair, there are usually some pretty fantastic ones. But if you weary of the constant parade of Baronesses and Heath Ledger Jokers, cleanse your palate with Nerd Dads' photoset of adorable children dressed as comic book characters from this year's San Diego megaconvention.

While I didn't have much time to wander the floor on Kids Day, I was also heartened that the Nerd Dad shouted out a "kid-friendly atmosphere that's been quietly developing there, especially over the last 5 years or so. The number of porn queens assaulting con-goers with their breasts has tailed off dramatically, while the amount of attendees going as family units has risen."

I did hear several people mentioning that there fewer booth babes than usual, although I had little time to investigate the claims. Did anyone else notice a decrease in live-action cheesecake?