Having a case of the Mondays? Not to worry, dear readers, as we've got some good news in the comic book related merchandise department that might lift your spirits - Kotobukiya and DC Comics are collaborating with one another to create two new product lines called called "DC x Bishoujo" and "Stylized Vinyl Figures."

The premise behind the "DC x Bishoujo" figures is simple enough, as Kotobukiya plans to reinterpret "the sexiest women from the DC comics" with an anime and manga twist. While images of the actual products or even prototypes aren't available yet, a concept sketch reveals what could be the first figure in the line - none other than Wonder Woman herself, definitely enjoying a new manga style.

Even cooler - at least in my opinion - is the "Stylized Vinyl Figures" line. Basically, Kotobukiya will produce super-deformed versions of classic DC Comics characters, most likely starting with Batman and Joker. It's a simple and straightforward idea that's sure to get some of Gotham's finest heroes and villains on my bookshelf in the most adorable manner possible.

[via Toy News International]