Over the past few years, Kotobukiya has had a rather successful run with its Bishoujo line of statues. Based on the concepts and art of Shunya Yamashita, the Bishoujo (Japanese for "pretty girl") statues often depicted iconic female DC, Marvel and video game characters in a style that exaggerated the physicality of these leading ladies.

Even in a world full of skintight and revealing costumes, there have been a few... okay, more than a few... Bishoujo statues that might have tested the boundaries of taste. With the upcoming Zatanna statue, sculpted by Takaboku Busujima, that's not the case, and Koto's crafted a statue that we wouldn't feel bad leaving out on display when the in-laws came to visit.

Standing at 10 inches tall, the Bishoujo Zatanna is captured in a classic costume, more reminiscent of her short-lived pre-New 52 series from Paul Dini and Stephane Roux than the newer Justice League Dark incarnation. While still alluring, the figure stays in line with the character's personality and DC's own designs without too much embellishing of Zatanna's body. Based on the images of the painted prototype, there's a lot of nice detailing in her costume and hair. The only odd thing is where she's looking. You'd think based on her pose, her eyes would be transfixed on the hat, as if expecting something to pop out, rather than looking somewhere off in distance.

She's a long way from the likes of the previously released Bishoujo Catwoman or Starfire. Combined with the upcoming, equally tasteful Bishoujo Batwoman, perhaps Koto's turned a bit of a corner in regards to the way in which it's choosing to represent these powerful women.

Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Zatanna is available for pre-order now at online retailers like BigBadToyStore, and your local comic shop, for $69.99, and is expected to arrive in July.