DC fan-favorite Li'l Gotham might not be around any more, but that doesn't mean it's been forgotten completely. After already getting the action figure treatment from DC Collectibles late last year, now Kotobukiya has announced plans for its own unique take on the characters from Derek Fridolfs' and Dustin Nguyen's alternate Bat-verse.

Due out this June, Koto's DC Universe Li'l Gotham Mini-Figures will feature seven of the stylized heroes and villains rendered in two-inch form. The characters will come in six different colors each, meaning there are potentially over 40 different figures to collect, even if some of them are the same mold in a different colorway.

Aside from Batman himself, who gets two figures in the set, the rest of the series is split 50/50 between male and female characters. Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman are captured in slightly cuter poses than their male counterparts Nightwing, Robin and the Joker, but seeing several female characters represented is welcome regardless. As the figures will be sold in blind two-packs, you shouldn't have to worry about the scarcity of the femme fatales and only finding Batman or Robin on the shelves.

Though the figures do capture the essence of Li'l Gotham rather well, they are a bit of a throwback, too. Koto's creations bring back memories of toy vending machines filled with Muscleman/Kinnikuman figures when we were kids. Those were only a quarter, but Kotobukiya has yet to announce any pricing details on the two-packs of these figures. Perhaps we'll learn a bit more in a few weeks at Toy Fair.