This is an image of a 'Superman Returns' Kryptonite prop replicaSo according to reports, scientists in Serbia have found Kryptonite. How do they know it's Kryptonite? Because a scientist in London looked it up on Wikipedia. I'm not even a little bit kidding.

Fox News reports:

"We entered its chemistry into Google to try and see if we had a match ... and the first page that came back from Google was a Wikipedia page on kryptonite," said Mike Rumsey, a mineral curator, on a video about the discovery posted on the museum's Web site.

So this is what we've come to? Modern man ... creator of space shuttles ... curer of plagues ... master of all he surveys ... now just looks up crap on Wikipedia and thinks he's discovered a mineral from a fake planet that's only used to weaken a man who doesn't exist. Hell, I found some gold string at a craft shop and started to tie people up and demand they speak the truth after I read about Wonder Woman on Wikipedia. Got bit by a spider and fell off my roof thanks to Wikipedia. Read about gamma rays on Wikipedia and woke up naked in the desert.

What, was it a slow news day or something? Screw you, fake Kryptonite.