Since so many of you loved our recent posts about 7-Eleven's Kwik-E-Marts, connected with the just released The Simpsons Movie and my pardner Chris Dooley's awesome photo gallery, here's one more bit of news: Today's Dallas Morning News reports the promotion will end tomorrow, but not before the nation's leading convenience store chain sold some 3 million Simpsons-related items from Squishees to comic books.

Interestingly, the Dallas-based Kwik-E-Mart sold the most Buzz Cola, was number two in moving Simpsons straws and KrustyO's Cereal and was third in overall sales and in the Radioactive Man #711 sales. Even better, the success of the Kwik-E-Mart promotion -- 18 months in the making -- made a few B2B advertising pubs -- think Advertising Age and Adweek -- eat copious amounts of crow.