There is nothing more bittersweet than solicitations. On the one hand, you get an advanced look at the choice merchandise coming down the pipeline. On the other hand, said merchandise won't be available for quite a while, so the solicitation's limited photo offerings will have to suffice.

It's a trade-off I'm willing to make, especially if I'm able to salivate over the sight of new DC Direct products for the next couple of hours. There is plenty of DC Universe goodness on display, including images of the new wave of DC Origins action figures. The line of two-packs includes Hal Jordan & Alan Scott, Barry Allen & Jay Garrick, plus modern versions of Superman and Wonder Woman with classic counterparts as well.

Aside from those figures, DC Direct is offering several statues including a Sinestro bust, a Poison Ivy statue from the "Cover Girls of the DC Universe" statue series, and a new "Batman Black & White" statue based on the hero's appearance in the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" video game.

If anybody is wondering what to get me for my birthday in two months - don't deny it, I know it's on your mind - that Michael Keaton as Batman bust wouldn't be a bad gift purchase. Just saying.

[Link via TNI]