Multiverses have their definite upsides and downsides. Some alternate Earths are full of nice heroes your grandparents' age, which is great on "Take Your Legacy Hero Predecessor To School Day." Other realities, however, contain evil versions of you that want to end existence, which is only great on "Take Your Evil Self To The End Of The World Day." DC's upcoming direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray/download release "Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths" is poised to drive that point home when it drops on February 23.

Comicscontinuum posted a few new images from the movie last week, but the two most interesting shots are the Crime Syndicate's core members strutting their stuff and a shot of The Jester, a presumably heroic version of the Joker hanging out with the nice Lex Luthor.

After enjoying pretty much all of DC's latest animated releases, I have to say that this "JLA: Earth 2"-inspired flick seems right up my Crime Alley. If you haven't already caught the JL:CO2E trailer, you can do so after the jump and draw your own conclusions.