If there's one thing we've proved here at ComicsAlliance, it's that we love LEGO and Pokemon almost as much as we love comics, and today, those two things have combined into something awesome. Mike Nieves -- alias retinence on Flickr -- was recently spotlighted on The Brothers Brick for his version of the fan-favorite (and decidedly useless) Magikarp:

Thanks to a creative use of "Bionicle" pieces, Nieves' version of Magikarp looks astonishingly accurate, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Check out more of his Pokemon -- including shots of his creations battling each other -- after the jump!


The great thing about Nieves' work is that his building techniques have allowed for LEGO creations that are actually posable, which means they can totally battle each other. Check out Medicham dropping a signature capoeira spin kick onto Aggron:

Totally awesome. For more (non-Pokemon) creations, check out Nieves' Flickr stream!