The Star Wars films seem to have fit together a little more awkwardly with each of the last three releases, but the polygons and lighting effects in artist Liam Brazier's artwork always form elegant mosaics. The British creator specializes in droid and bounty hunter prints that look like they were formed from origami, and he's not too bad at free-handing either.
Alongside Brazier's luminous Batman and Superman pieces, he's also sketched out Michael J. Fox from Teen Wolf and shared some Gobo Fraggle graffiti through his Society6 account. C-3PO looks especially shiny when he's been built out of triangles, it turns out.

Boba Fett and Kal-El sport larger color palettes, and even if you can't see his America-renouncing face, the Last Son of Krypton comes out looking classic and iconic in Brazier's cape-and-crystal-focused depiction. Batman cuts a striking silhouette as well, and you can check out all of these guys for yourself below.