: "Let's Be Friends Again" takes on the controversial "Batman: The Widening Gyre" issue by Kevin Smith and the recent incendiary comments by Erik Larsen.

Dark Horse: Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie announced in the recent "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley" one-shot announced that after several years at "IDW," the "Angel" comic will be returning to Dark Horse in late 2011. [Robot 6]

Hair: I'm not sure "Batman, Inc." has a place for this lad. [Great White Snark]

Covers: Jaime Hernandez brings the Marvel gang to the beach in his cover for "Strange Tales" #2. [The Beat]

Television: Catch up on everything you want to see about "The Walking Dead" with this video gallery. [UGO]

Animation: Awesome though Gadget from "Rescue Rangers" may be, a full scale cult centered on her is definitely very weird. [Topless Robot]

Food: Playing with food is fine, but shoving a spoon down the neck of a superheroic action figure seems equally fun provided resist the urge to chomp down on a plastic leg. [Neatorama]

Fashion: It's pure symbiosis when you purchase this Venom T-shirt. [Super Punch]