Hollywood: Bzzd flies onto the "Green Lantern" set. [Comic Book Movie]

Characters: Grant Morrison explains a big difference between Batman and Superman - Bruce has a butler, and Clark has a boss. [Hero Complex]

Comics: In case you weren't already excited for Scott Snyder's upcoming "Detective Comics" run, the series will include a Commissioner Gordon co-feature by Francesco Francavilla. How's that for awesome? [The Source]

Toys: The first ever Kamandi action figure gets a highlight. [The Fwoosh]

Reviews: Nick Spencer's "Morning Glories" landed in comic book stores last week, and the critics have been (mostly) kind. [Robot 6]

Hollywood: Karl Urban is officially the man for "Judge Dredd." [Empire Online]

Toys: "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart is immortalized in plastic form with a Storm Trooper action figure. [Super Punch]

Documentary: Scott Cranford, the former official Superman of Metropolis, Illinois, documents his experiences in "Heroic Ambition," currently available on DVD. [Superhero Hype]

Hollywood: Manchester, England is turning into New York City for a car chase sequence in "Captain America." [Bleeding Cool]