DC: "[Batman] doesn't want to quit, but he's like, 'Why can't I scale back? ...Why can't I have a girlfriend? I f--- a lot, but why can't I be involved with somebody?" (Splash Page)

Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meets "Reservoir Dogs" (Newsarama)

Indie: "I Spent a Weekend with Harvey Pekar." (Daily Cross Hatch)

Gaming: "Epic Mickey" has been confirmed as Wii exclusive, and it looks like "Fantasia" mashed up with "Braid," which is to say awesome. (Game Daily)Sci-Fi: Could sci-fi (or comics, for that matter) be ruined by the "foamy gray poison of respectability"? Another question: How closely does this concern walk the line with perennial indie worry of "selling out"? (io9)

Conventions: Four-day memberships have already sold out at Comic-Con. In 2010. (The Beat)