Art: Guns don't kill people. Batman with a gun kills people. Maybe. He's got one on this poster, anyway. [Super Punch]

Hollywood: Marvel Studios has hired "Conan" screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to adapt "Doctor Strange" for the big screen. Rich Johnston reports on the rumor that Patrick Dempsey is under consideration for the title role. [Deadline & Bleeding Cool]

Characters: Ben Morse recalls the history of "X-Men" villain Mister Sinister. Speaking of the character's death in 2007's "Messiah Complex," Morse writes: "I think it's impressive the character made it that far - 20 years exactly - given the disparity between his creator's intentions and where he ultimately ended up, but you have to be impressed at how he seemed to succeed in spite of those conflicting directions, thriving in several different roles and drawing impressive work out of multiple creators who at the end of the day really just seemed to want to solve the riddle of who he was and why he did what he did." [The Cool Kids Table]

Lists: John Custer of "Preacher" and Pa Kent of "Superman" make this list of the five best dads in comic books. A couple days late for Father's Day, but who's counting? [iFanboy]

Television: A visit to the set of "The Walking Dead" reveals a new photograph of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes plus plenty of behind-the-scenes details, including a detailed breakdown of one of the pilot episode's very first zombie encounters. [Ain't It Cool News]

Customs: Loose Collector gives a behind-the-scenes look at his process for creating Todd McFarlane-inspired Hulk & Betty Ross action figures. [Figure Realm]

Creators: Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis interviews acclaimed filmmaker, screenwriter, playwright and now comic book author David Mamet, who has just released a graphic novel called "The Trials of Roderick Spode, 'The Human Ant.'" [Comic Book Resources]