Comics: Skottie Young's "The Adventures of Bernard The World Destroyer" is getting collected in print with bonus material all for the price of $15. [Skottie Young]Legal: Legal expert Michael Lovitz assesses the allegation of plagiarism surrounding Nick Simmons' "Incarnate," while Rob Bricken offers a series of side-by-side comparisons between the controversial series and "Bleach" set to the tune of Simmons' own apology. [CBR and Topless Robot]

Art: Warren Ellis showcases a bunch of art inspired by the words "The Complete Story of the Daring Exploits of the One and Only Superman." [Warren Ellis]

Contests: Design the new tote bag for New York City's Strand Bookstore for your chance to win some cool prizes. [Robot 6]

Toys: Transformers are great. Yoda is great. Transforming Yoda is less than great. [Great White Snark]

Hollywood: Joe Quesada has a print copy of the "The Avengers" screenplay. How long before an Ocean's Eleven inspired plot is hatched to steal that script? [Slash Film]