Jeff Lemire offers readers a behind the scenes look at the production process behind "Sweet Tooth," his new ongoing monthly series from Vertigo Comics. [Standard Attrition]


Could it be? A Super Pro custom, from you to me? [The Fwoosh via David Gallaher]

Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, whose illustration depicting the Islamic prophet Mohammed caused massive amounts of controversy, was assaulted in his home by an axe-wielding intruder. The intruder was ultimately shot and apprehended by authorities. [Bleeding Cool]

Blogs: Robot 6 marked its one year anniversary this weekend with a hostile takeover of the Comic Book Resources homepage. [Robot 6]

Music: Kieron Gillen runs down his 40 favorite tracks of the year. [Kieron Gillen's Workblog]

Creators: "DMZ" and "Northlanders" author Brian Wood and photographer/writer Katie West are holding Q&A sessions on Whitechapel this week. [Warren Ellis]