Technology: Alright, this won't put you on the same level as Tony Stark, but at least you can have your very own arc reactor - assuming you're a talented enough technician to build the frickin' thing. [Gizmodo]

Creators: Marvel's longtime marketing manager Jim McCann discusses his decision to leave the company and pursue a career as a full-time writer. Upcoming projects include a "Hawkeye & Mockingbird" ongoing series and the graphic novel "Return of the Dapper Men." [The Beat]

Conventions: Will Comic-Con International move from San Diego to Los Angeles? LA Inc's Senior Vice President Michael Krouse is confident in the possibility, while CCI marketing director David Glanzer says the decision to move is ongoing. [Comic Book Resources]

Television: "G.I. Joe" leader Duke's secret identity has been revealed as... Scott Summers? Reports are suggesting that James Marsden is the man for Duke's voice in the new "G.I. Joe" series headed to Hasbro's HUB network in the fall. [The Terror Dome]

Hollywood: Will Tony Stark be a full-fledged member of "The Avengers," or just an advisor? Jordan Hoffman weighs in on the possibilities. [UGO]

Science: A close examination of the reality behind Pokemon abilities reveals exactly why these pocket monsters need to be exterminated at all costs. [Geekologie]

Piracy: has been shut down by none other than the FBI. Looks like "not enabling downloads" isn't a sound argument for posting free comics without permission. [Comic Book Resources]

Creators: Marc Guggenheim shows you his shelf porn. [Robot 6]