Strips: Charlie Brown's baseball win-loss record gets the spotlight, and good grief is it embarrassing. [Wezen-Ball via Robot 6]

Animation: the Discovery Channel and Hasbro are launching a new television channel called The Hub, which will host a new "Transformers" series and possibly a new "G.I. Joe" show. [Gamma Squad]

Fashion: If you're going to wear tights, they should probably feature "Space Invader" sprites, am I right? [Geekologie]

Toys: New video game "Army of Two: The 40th Day" unleashes some action figures that make me wonder why these guys went through all the trouble of armoring up their torsos and heads, only to leave their limbs entirely unprotected. [Kotaku]

Statues: Jabba the Hutt's vicious strangling at the hands of Slave Leia is immortalized in polystone thanks to Sideshow Collectibles. [Geek Week]

Television: In preparation for the final season of "Lost," can check out this list of the ten most random one-off characters to ever grace the show. [io9]

Books: One fangirl's fictional journey to track down the action figure of her dreams is chronicled in Sarah Kuhn's "One Con Glory." [Alert Nerd Press]