Crossover: TV Guide has a first look at "Smallville" character Chloe Sullivan's first DCU appearance. Why the scowl Chloe? You're rocking kewl fashuns! [TV Guide]

Hollywood: Will Star Sapphire make an appearance in the upcoming "Green Lantern" film? Probably not, but actress Blake Lively likes to tease. [Superhero Hype]

Conventions: King Con is coming to Brooklyn November 4-7, with no less than Chris Claremont headlining. [The Beat]

Gaming: Sony's released new "DC Universe Online" images pitting players against Catwoman and the Joker. [Comics Continuum]

Landmarks: Graphic NYC's Christopher Irving visited the former Cleveland home of Superman creator Jerry Siegel and shares his experience from a fan's perspective. [Robot6]

Toys: Bandai unveils CG plans for a 2011 release of "One Piece" ship the Going Merry model kit. [Tomopop]

Technology: In addition to featuring touch screen features, The HP Touchsmart 310 will give users access to Marvel Comics' digital catalog. All streamable and not downloadable, even. [PC Mag]

Gaming: A second season of the "Doctor Who Adventure Games" is being commissioned for a 2011 release by the BBC. [MTV Multiplayer]

Movies: Fans can now hear Steven Tyler's "Space Battleship Yamato" jam in the film's new trailer. [Toysreveil]

Art: There have been many reinterpretations of Wonder Woman of late, and Nick Abadzis' take on the Amazonian princess is definitely one that's worth a look. [The Comics Reporter]