Hollywood: Take a nice long look at this poster for "The Losers," because it's one of the last times you'll see freshly anointed "Captain America" star Chris Evans as a, well, loser. [IMP Awards]

Animation: "Time Fugitives" tops this list of the 21 greatest episodes from "X-Men: The Animated Series." I'm partial to the series premiere, but I do love me some Cable and Apocalypse. [Topless Robot]

Art: 'Sword' artist Steven Sanders takes on anime and manga as part of his ongoing anime-influenced pin-up series [Studio Sputnik]

Publishing: Brian Hibbs wonders out loud whether or not comic book publishers are intentionally killing off single issues. [Comic Book Resources]

Cosplay: I'm always game for some good old fashioned steampunk, and these reinterpretations of Storm Trooper helmets, Boba Fett's costume and Princess Leia's aesthetic are no exception. [Slash Film]

Foreign: An oldie but a goodie... if this is the direction that Sony is going in with "Spider-Man" now that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire have taken a hike, we're all in good shape. [Dariotown via David Slade]

Art: Warwick Caldwell is selling original art from "100 Days in the Gungle," his recently completed silent strip consisting of 100 panels drawn in 100 days. [WJC via Drawn]