Customs: This Hypno-Hustler custom figure is absolutely rocking! [The Fwoosh]Hollywood: Chris Evans speaks out about playing Steve Rogers in Marvel Studios' forthcoming "Captain America" movie, saying he's tried on the cumbersome costume and is currently in the process of selecting the right shield. [Empire Online]

Animation: Thomas Jane talks about supplying the voice for Jonah Hex in the titular DC Showcase Original Short. [ComicMix]

Hollywood: "Men in Black III" plot details - including information about Josh Brolin's role and the villainous Yaz - have surfaced online. [Jo Blo]

Television: Good news for "Smallville" fans headed to Comic-Con this year - Tom Welling is going to be there, with Geoff Johns moderating the official "Smallville" panel! [The Ausiello Files]

Film: Jill Pantozzi asks the question: which comic book adaptation works best on the big screen, "tights and capes" or "everything but?" [Newsarama]

Reality: A college student inspired by "Kick-Ass" is running around fighting crime under the moniker The Viper. Yep, really. [Comic Book Movie]

Music: Connections are drawn between famous musicians and work seen on the paneled page. [Spinner]

Hollywood: Is "Iron Man 2" the most mistake-filled movie of the year? It currently sits on top of that list with 45 mistakes and counting, with the closest competitor being Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island." [Movie Mistakes via Splash Page]