Donations: Got some comic book clutter you're looking to get rid of? If it's age appropriate, you can donate your old books to a good cause. [Robot 6]

Hollywood: Mark Millar talks about how "Kick-Ass" screenwriter Jane Goldman helped make the movie "more accessible." [Slash Film]

Awards: The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books has added a graphic novel category to their annual competition, with "Scott Pilgrim" and "Asterios Polyp" among the nominees. [io9]

Auctions: Carve a slice of "Iron Man" history for yourself with Marvel Studios' upcoming prop and collectibles auction at C2E2. [Marvel]

Anniversaries: It's been one month since the launch of Axe Cop. The world is a safer, better place. [Axe Cop]

Webcomics: Comics Alliance's very own Chris Sims launches a new comic called "Awesome Hospital" alongside co-writer Chad Bowers and artist Matt Digges. Presumably, it's going to be awesome. [Awesome Hospital]