Hollywood: In case you're a normal civilian who keeps their computer shut off during the weekend, you may have missed out on the biggest comic book movie drama of the year - a rumor suggesting that Marvel Studios was passing on Edward Norton for "The Avengers" due to monetary reasons was confirmed by Marvel, though the studio said the reason was not financially based. Unsurprisingly, Norton's representatives fired back against allegations that the actor is not someone who embodies "creativity and collaborative spirit." Regardless of who is right or wrong in this he-said she-said situation, one thing is clear: Edward Norton will not play Bruce Banner in "The Avengers" or, most likely, any other future Marvel movie. [HitFix]Crossover: Are you worried about Neil Gaiman's Death crossing over with Lex Luthor in Paul Jenkins' current "Action Comics" run? You're probably not alone, but you're not entirely without opposition, as Cyriaque Lamar argues that the Death-Luthor crossover is a good thing. [io9]

Webcomics: "Star Trek" battles have never been so vicious. [Culture Pulp]

Creators: Adam Atherton updates fans on the status of "Lily of the Valley" in light of the closure of the Zuda Comics website and the status of his upcoming new webcomic series, currently titled "Highschool Suicide." [Rocket Llama]

Characters: Think Ultron is just another emotionless robot with nothing but global domination on its mind? Ben Morse would ask that you think again. [The Cool Kids Table]

Products: Smell like teenage awkwardness, insecurity and superheroism with the new "Spider-Man" perfume! [CBR Live!]

Creators: Skottie Young kicks off a series of video journal entries to update fans on his currently developing original graphic novel process. [Skottie Young]