Movies: Director Darren Aronofsky is now fully signed on for two years of Wolverineing at 20th Century Fox. [MTV Splash Page]

Piracy: A Distant Soil creator Colleen Doran discusses the very real implications of comic book piracy from personal experience. [The Hill]

C'mon, Dude: There's not much to disagree with in Scary Go Round creator John Allison's Manifesto for UK Indie Comics in 2010, until the extremely dismissive line about comics being inherently inferior to prose. Few would disagree that an all-comics diet isn't conducive to broader creativity and that novels are good for the brain, but it's an ugly and insurmountable crack in an otherwise (mostly) sound argument about how to make comics in the digital age. [Robot6]

Movies: New Green Lantern movie press kits are chock full of emerald goodness, or so we hear. Ours must have gotten lost in the mail... *sob* [Superhero Hype]

Art: Joe Spiotto's Masters of the Universe and Guns N' Roses "Appetite for Destruction" album cover mashup is music to my eyes.with rad results. [Super Punch]

Gaming: A new Mega Man Online animated trailer is doing its thing across the Web in proper mega fashion. The ending may even bring a tear to your eye. [Joystiq]

Webcomics: Space Avalanche reimagines Catwoman... and it's a little horrifying. [The Daily What]

Legal: Sean Michael Robinson weighs in on the fairly troubling prosecution of Steven Kutzner, the former middle school teacher who plead guilty to possessing images of The Simpsons characters having sex.. [TCJ]

Web: got a brand new look yesterday and seems to be running faster, even. Nice! [Marvel]

Conventions: The December 4 Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival has revealed its full schedule for your viewing pleasure. [The Beat]