Art: Secktacular's Mystery Science Theater 3000 print asks "Where's Servo?" [Secktacular]


Guinness World Records

Records: Deadpool #27 has achieved Guinness World Records status for having the most comic book characters on a single issue cover. [Guinness World Records]


Video: Arcane Kids shatter your senses with this NSFW blend of Pokémon, Attack on Titan, first person shooters, electronic dance music and more. [AK]


Accessories: Sentinel's Attack on Titan cases protect smartphones 3D maneuver gear style. [ANN]


Animation: Something tells me public education in Australia is about to get a lot more funding. [Cartoon Brew]


DC Comics

Upcoming: DC's Suicide Squad is getting new members, a new creative team and a new #1 in July. [DC]