Television: Accompanying news that AMC has picked up "The Walking Dead" for six initial episodes is the currently unconfirmed rumor that Jonny Lee Miller is starring as Rick Grimes. [Bloody Disgusting]

Hollywood: It appears that "Kick-Ass" director Matthew Vaughn has lined up his next project, and it's not necessarily a Mark Millar collaboration - instead, Vaughn is setting his sights on Valiant's "Bloodshot." [Latino Review]

Toys: Here's Kaneda from "Akira" with his light-up bike and awesome shoulder mounted rifle. Apparently "it ain't cheap," but still looks like a great collectible for "Akira" fans. [Fist of Fun via Casey Lau]

Fashion: Want to know what Warren Ellis' favorite cocktail is? Want to share that information with everyone else in the world? Want to look really cool while doing it? Well, look no further, friends... [Warren Ellis]

Creators: Bob Greenberger reflects on the recent passing of his former DC Comics colleague, former editor and inker Dick Giordano. [ComicMix]

Hollywood: With most of the principle players in "The Avengers" already known, MTV decided to have a little bit of photoshopping fun on what the film's poster could look like. [Splash Page]

Publishing: It would appear that the recently released trailer for "Scott Pilgrims vs. The World" has helped to boost sales on Amazon orders for the "Scott Pilgrim" graphic novels. [Robot 6]