Shows: Covered has announced the full guest line-up for the upcoming Covered Art Show at Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles. [Covered]

Toys: Mattel's Scott Neitlich talks about how the company decides which obscure characters to include in its DC Universe Classics line, the happy accident of their Sinestro sculpt, future exclusive plans for Matty Collector and more. [The Fwoosh]

Mego: At Toy Fair, Bif Bang Pow has revealed its plans for Mego versions of Jacob and the Man in Black from "Lost" and the new Venture Bros. toys. [Griffin Phillips & Topless Robot]

Food: Not exactly food in the sense that this is edible, but Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks are nonetheless on the way. Ridiculous. Cool, but ridiculous. [Collider]

Legal: Stan Lee is facing some legal woes in the form of a lawsuit from Lavely & Singer, a law firm that claims Lee hasn't paid them for legal services since 2007. [TMZ]

Creators: Jason Aaron provides some helpful hints on how he writes his comic book scripts. [Jason Aaron]

Publishing: Tom Spurgeon provides his list of who the ten least likely candidates to become the next publisher at DC Comics are. Sadly, Conan O'Brien is not a favorite. [The Comics Reporter]

Genetics: Are Scout Troopers bounty hunters? Maybe on the genetic level due to their descendant, Jango Fett, but the insinuation is still enough to warrant a phone call to Child Protective Services. [Penny Arcade]