Halloween: Laziness and fashion collide over at Streetlevel, where they've got a whole host of hoodies that double as Halloween costumes, including Batman and Cap.

Movies: Fabio wanted to play Thor in a movie so badly that he commissioned a comic book version of himself as the Thunder God, now online for your viewing enjoyment. (The Beat)

Retro: Superman vs. Cyclops! And not in the way you're thinking. (Comics Reporter)

WTF: Remember that whole article we did about the worst vampire merchandise ever? Well, there's a new contender of that particular title. Just two words: Vampire. Fleshlight. You were warned. (Topless Robot)Twitter: Matt Fraction has been tweeting enigmatically about interesting developments related to his deeply fantastic indie comic "Casanova." Listen, whatever it is, I want ten of them.

Manga: Japan takes its love of manga to the next level, with plans for a Tokyo International Manga Library that will hold 140,000 books. (NY Times)

Humor: You have to figure that with as many vanishing acts as Batman pulls, at least once or twice someone has to catch him with one foot out the window. (CollegeHumor)

Cartoons: I could read facts about the Smurfs all day, but for now, 5-10 minutes will have to do. (Mental Floss)

Not Comics: The Takedown Hall of Fame launched today, devoted to publicizing the many bogus copyright and trademark claims -- typically by corporations -- against fair use of their material on the web. Shame and sunshine are powerful weapons. Use them both! (Via Boing Boing)