Comics: Kanye West is an alien, according to Skottie Young's nearly concluded comic strip, "The Adventures of Bernard the World Destoyer." [Skottie Young]

Hilarious: An oldie but a goody, the cast of "Star Wars" and the opening theme song from "The A-Team" get together for some hot, steamy mash-up loving. [Gizmodo]

Crossovers: Evan Shaner introduces Hellboy and Abe Sapien to the cast of David Petersen's "Mouse Guard." [Evan "Doc" Shaner, via Jim Gibbons]

Cities: Portland, Oregon is home to plenty of comic book creators, so it's only appropriate that the city gets its own series of illustrated tributes. [mattink]

Superheroes: Supergirl is the queen of the ring when it comes to having the most incredibly impractical superhero costume in comic books. [Topless Robot]

Television: "Heroes," "Lost," "Battlestar Galactica" and other TV shows get their logos reinterpreted with a sleek graphic design twist. [io9]

Obituaries: Illustrator and painter David Levine has died at age 83 following a battle with prostate cancer. [The New York Times]