Art: Dan Hipp pays tribute to Han Solo's heroic sacrifice during "The Empire Strikes Back." My heart has broken all over again. [Mister Hipp]

Characters: Ethan Kaye runs down the ten greatest sexual conquests achieved by Jennifer "She-Hulk" Walters, with Juggernaut coming in at number one. [Topless Robot]

Animation: Bruce Timm sets the record straight on the future of the DC Universe animated features, saying: "Anyone at our DCU/Batman: Under the Red Hood panel at Comic-Con will walk away with a very clear picture of the direction we're taking the DCU animated movies in the coming year." [Comic Book Resources]

Webcomics: Not a Jar-Jar Binks fan? You'll be pleased to know that the pesky Gungan got what was coming to him right alongside Leia's parents when Alderaan blew up. [Overcompensating]

Food: Wampas and Tauntauns have inspired a great deal of popular culture greatness over the years, but this one - wait for it - takes the cake! [Great White Snark]

Rumors: The Nathan Fillion-as-Hank Pym in "The Avengers" rumor has popped up again, as has Eva Longoria's rumored attachment to Janet Van Dyne. [Comic Book Movie]

Casting: "Mystery Team" and Derrick Comedy funny man Donald Glover speaks out about the campaign to cast him in the role of Spider-Man, saying: "If the biggest thing that comes out of this is two fake Spider-Man covers with my face on them, that's way more than I could ever ask for." [Splash Page]

Transportation: It might not belong to Christopher Nolan, but this Tumbler golf cart lurking on the Warner Bros. lot is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. [This LA Life]

Animation: Animation director Alex Soto is swinging into action on the upcoming "Ultimate Spider-Man" television series from Disney and Marvel. [Mania]