Art: Francesco Francavilla and the folks at Comic Twart are paying tribute to the late Harvey Pekar all week long. [Comic Twart]

Toys: If you're not convinced that Spider-Man has way too many toys and related accessories, look no further for conclusive proof of his overexposure. [Topless Robot]

Parties: San Diego Comic-Con attendees can overcompensate by attending Jeffrey Rowland's TopatoCo party on Thursday night. [Facebook]

Customs: Those looking for Jeffrey Brown at Comic-Con can find him (and his action figure self as customized by his brother Doug) at the Top-Shelf booth (#1721). [Jeffrey Brown Comics]

Hollywood: "Inception" star Leonardo DiCaprio had many brushes with the superhero genre, none of which came to pass. Perhaps for the best. [Movieline]

Books: Superman is coming at you in 3-D, though not necessarily in the way you would expect. [The Source]

Promotions: Marvel's C.B. Cebulski has been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President, Creator & Content Development. Congrats! [Comic Book Resources]

Hollywood: Teaser footage from the upcoming "The Goon" feature film goes online, with a whole lot more available after the film's Comic-Con panel on Saturday! [Splash Page]

Television: Here's another MTV exclusive in the form of the first set footage from "The Walking Dead." It's pretty amazing to see these zombies in motion, isn't it? [Splash Page]

Toys: Joker goes Black & White while Superman and Brainiac throw down in new DC Direct statues. [Toy News International]