Art: Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd have officially digivolved into Hellbunny and The Fudd. The world is a better, safer place. [Beer and Cookies via Super Punch]Hollywood: Red Sonja is dead - long live Red Sonja. According to one report, the Rose McGowan version of "Red Sonja" has been tossed aside in favor of an adaptation with Megan Fox in the title role. Discuss! [Pajiba]

Manga: Takeshi Nogami, a creator of Japanese hentai-themed manga, rallies against a CNN report that he believes to be insinuating that hentei fans are fundamentally criminal. [tsurupeta via Kotaku]

Art: The Joker tags up Batman's car. Not cool, dude. [Danny Draws via Super Punch]

Cosplay: Seeing all of the crazy cooks here at WonderCon makes me even more bitter that I didn't make it out to San Francisco this year. [Great White Snark]

Toys: The final round of The Fwoosh's March Madness competition between the DC Universe Classics action figures has arrived, with Green Arrow and Kilowog the two remaining competitors. Vote now before it's too late! [The Fwoosh]