Logos: As more oil seeps into the gulf, artists redesign BP's logo with a critical eye - even in the Mushroom Kingdom. [Super Punch]Advertising: Think you've seen scary ads in comics? You may want to add this one to your list. [Io9]

Self-Publishing: This Spring's Stumptown Comics Fest featured an insightful Self-Publishing panel moderated by "DAR's" Erika Moen and now even those who couldn't make the show can glean all manner of wisdom from the group discussion on the artist's Vimeo. [Via Erika Moen]

Anime: The life-sized "Evangelion" bust is shaping up in Japan and ANN has the progress report to prove it. [ANN]

Gaming: Nintendo's debuted the legendary beasts from its upcoming "Pokémon" "Black" and "White" titles. So far they seem true to form. [Nintendo via Twitter]

Art: "Sweet Tooth" creator Jeff Lemire draws a mean Hellboy. Well, actually he looks reasonably friendly. [@CNESEMAN]

Animation: A new teaser from Howard Gertler's animation of Dash Shaw's "The Ruined Cast" is now up on Vimeo for your surreal viewing pleasure. [Comics Comics]