Fashion: Green and purple sneakers. If it wasn't for the Hulk's hidden headshot, I'd swear up and down that these shoes were the bad guys. [Comic Noize]

Important Things with Demetri Martin
Attention - The Henchman
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Television: "Lost," "Torchwood," "The O.C." and "The X-Files" actor Alan Dale adds "Important Things With Demetri Martin - Attention" to his resume in one of the show's funniest henchman-related gags to date [Comedy Central]

Conventions: The Beat's scoop that Wizard World would head to outer space for its next show apparently holds some weight. But not really. Right? [Wizard World]

Romance: Not sure what to get for your superhero loving Valentine? Here are a few tips. [Occasional Superheroine]

Toys: Kotobukiya announces the many products it plans to release in 2010. [Geek Week]

Auctions: Got some cash lying around? You could get your very own customized Larfleeze Mego. [eBay]

Television: The "Heroes" season finale managed to best Jay Leno's ratings, but not by much. Still, with just over 20 episodes to go before reaching a syndication-friendly episode count, could another season be on the way? [io9]

Traps: NO, ADMIRAL, DON'T TOUCH IT! DON'T YOU SEE, YOU FOOL! IT'S A TR-- Ah, fudge he touched it.. [Izit]