Hollywood: Joe Johnston's been giving up the "Captain America" goods thanks to the current "Wolfman" press rounds. According to the director, the Invaders are going to be... uh... invading the film. Pretty nifty. [Comic Book Movie]

Plush: Calvin and Hobbes are pals. Plush pals. [Super Punch]

Manga: I've barely cracked the surface of "One Piece," but even I can dig on this upcoming Luffy action figure. [Famitsu via@ToplessRobot]

Vehicles: The Spider-Man Monster Truck - proving something that the Spider-Mobile simply cannot. [Marvel]

Art: Awesome Doctor Who concept art that makes ComicsAlliance's Caleb Goellner a very happy man indeed. [io9]

Tattoos: Robot 6 called for fans to submit their various comic book themed tattoos. Ask and ye shall receive. [Robot 6]

Distribution: A major snowstorm knocked Diamond Distribution's phone and power lines out of whack on Monday. If you don't get your comics on Wednesday, expect to hear a lot of "the snow ate it" excuses. [Comichron via The Beat]

Romance: Once upon a time, I witnessed the invention of something beautiful called Balentines. Dark Horse publicity coordinator Jim Gibbons gives these sweet nothings a highlight. [Enemy of Peanuts]