Art: "Scott Pilgrim" meets "Star Wars" - talk about a match made in a galaxy far, far away. [Joe Bowen via Robot 6]

Cosplay: Albany Comic-Con attendee Jen Wicks is clearly digging Ron Marz and Nelson Blake II's work on "Magdalena," the new ongoing series from Top Cow launched last week. [Ron Marz]

Acquisitions: In partnership with the heirs of Charles Schulz, Iconix Brand Group Inc. has acquired the "Peanuts" brand from E.W. Scripps Co in a deal worth approximately $175 million. Things are starting to look up for Charlie Brown! [The Wall Street Journal]

Art: Your favorite Pokémon creatures get a redesign with a heavy emphasis on the monster aspect. [Geekologie]

Video Games: Are you having trouble waiting for the release of "Iron Man 2," even though it's just a couple short weeks away? Perhaps the "Iron Man 2" video game cinematics will do the trick! [Kotaku]

Hollywood: Reviews are rolling in for "Iron Man 2," and the results are quite mixed. Is it time to start worrying? [io9]

Comics: Did somebody order the new "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" comic book starring Riley and written by Jane Espenson? Because it's almost ready for pick up. [Splash Page]