Art: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pay homage to their namesakes. [Neatorama]

As if it wasn't cool enough that Venture Bros. action figures are on the way, it turns out that they're coming in Mego form. Awesome. [Topless Robot]

Technology: In other "Iron Man" news, Tony Stark is taking over your home computers - if you have an Apple, that is. [Gizmodo]

Comics: The latest teaser for the "Second Coming" event strongly suggests that Jean Grey is coming back from the grave again. Shocker. [io9]

Music: The only thing that "Final Fantasy VII" is missing is rap music. Welp, not anymore. [Joystick Division]

Games: A new image from the upcoming "Iron Man 2" video game shows ol' Shellhead going through some electrifying combat. By electrifying, I mean that he's getting electrified. [Marvel]

Fashion: More "Star Wars" sneakers, the official footwear of Rogue Squadron. [Boing Boing]