Crossovers: I had never quite recognized the similarities between the Charlie Brown/Snoopy and Silver Surfer/Galactus relationships until now. [Ken Plume via Alejandro Arbona]Hollywood: Certain sources indicate that "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief" star Logan Lerman is "almost 100% locked" to star as Peter Parker in the upcoming "Spider-Man" relaunch. Other sources say there's no way that Lerman is getting the role. Who do you believe? [Hit Fix & Deadline Hollywood]

Toys: Beautiful, beautiful "Iron Man 2" action figures and collectibles on display. Like a truly driven Pokemon trainer, I must have them all. [Comic Book Movie]

A new 5-minute trailer for "Through the Gift Shop," a documentary by anonymous graffiti artist Banksy is currently making the rounds on YouTube. According to its filmmaker, "It's basically the story of how one man set out to film the un-filmable. And failed." If your'e into street art, this should be your cup of (green or black) tea. [Banksyfilm]

Art: Illustrator Mark Todd is giving classic comic book covers from Jack Kirby and others a modern overhaul, culminating in an exhibition called "Power Fury" set to open in Brooklyn on Thursday, April 15. [Mark Todd Illustration via io9]

Comics: Kelly Thompson ponders Batwoman's future now that Greg Rucka is no longer involved with the character, stating: "I'll be honest and admit that I just don't trust anyone [else] with her right now." [Comics Should Be Good]

Comics: Avatar Press will publish a 250-page graphic novel adaptation of "Fashion Beast" based on a screenplay written by Alan Moore. Antony Johnston writes and Facundo Percio illustrates the project based on an idea originated by Moore and the recently deceased Malcolm McLaren. [Bleeding Cool]

Hollywood: Hal Jordan, time to meet your maker - or, in less intimidating terms, your father, as "The Closer" star Jon Tenney has been cast as test pilot Martin H. Jordan in director Martin Campbell's "Green Lantern." [Super Hero Hype]