Comics: Jeff Smith reveals his favorite comic books of the decade, a list that includes Paul Pope's "100%" and Jeff Lemire's "The Complete Essex County." [Boneville]

Shirts: Everybody loves MODOK, but do you love him enough to wear his ugly mug on your chest all the live long day? [Hot Topic, via Topless Robot]

Wetsuits: In other ridiculous fashion news, find out how you can become a member of Star Fleet's next underwater expedition. [Sci Fi Wire]

Toys: The upcoming 12" T-800 action figure from Hot Toys is maybe the greatest thing I've ever seen. [Collider]

Customs: Adorable probably isn't the first word that comes to mind when you think of Al Simmons, but this customized Spawn 'Mugg might make you think otherwise. [Rocket Boy Customs]

Monkeys: Maakies: Uncle Gabby in a toilet. You'd probably be best off just checking it out yourself...[IloveWaterloo]

Movies: Harold Ramis delivers the news you've either been hoping or dreading for, depending on your stance - "Ghostbusters 3" should arrive in 2011. [Heeb Magazine]